Jenhong’s Favorite

Mommy made another new record… for not updating Jenhong’s blog for >3 months!!! Well, life is busy indeed. Many unexpected events, visitors and etc on top of busy worklife. Thank goodness that Jenhong is a very understanding boy, he has behaves great throughout the days.

Jenhong, as other typical boys, he has his very own interest or favorite. Since several months back, he has tremendous interest in anything that goes on wheel, haha! We had also introduce him his very first Disney cartoon, CARS. It ended up that this become his most favorite for the past few months.

Since Jenhong is very much into CARS nowadays, mommy and daddy also start to hunt for CARS merchandise, clothes or anything that is related to CARS. After enjoyed a movie with free vouchers today, mommy and daddy bought this megablock set for Jenhong, guess what?! …

Ta dang!!!

Look how happy and excited he is!

He enjoyed it so much tonight, and brought The King together to bed just now. Here are some photos that snap today while he is playing his megablock, at the same time watching his CARS.

See how serious he is ...

Stay tune for more … mommy will try to make her best to snap more photos and update Jenhong’s blog.

Jenhong 2nd CNY in Kuching

2010 Tiger year is Jenhong’s 2nd CNY in Kuching. I don’t think he remember anything that he did a year ago, but never mind, every visit to Kuching seem like a new start for him, haha!

2010 CNY is not that bad, other than Jenhong and mommy fall sick, having flu, the rest are pretty good. This is a *hidden* year for Jenhong and family, because we didn’t really go CNY visiting. The only place we go the most is granny’s place, as in mommy’s mommy’s place haha! Other than that, is gamble, gamble and gamble… daddy is really busy with gamble while mommy is still so hardworking accompany Jenhong.

This is the first time mommy put Jenhong in shirt, guess what, don’t he look so handsome in shirt?! This color really suits him, and most of mommy’s friends agreed that Jenhong looks really good in shirt. So, from now onwards, whenever we want to take nice photo of Jenhong, we should put him in shirt ^__^

Didn’t manage to take any video during CNY, so no video to post this round. Will have more videos when Jenhong has new trick, don’t worry =P

Here’re some photos taken during CNY, enjoy yourself~

Jenhong achieve another big milestone in his life

Even though mommy thinks that she should not write many posts during her business trip, yet, sometimes there is just some memorable moment to be share…

Not sure if you know exactly how it feel if you cannot witness the first moment of your first child achieving another big milestone in his life, but I do experienced that. Jenhong made his first step during my business trip!!! Ohh… this is driving me crazy, I just can’t help myself thinking and imagine how he did that!! Finally, the busy daddy whom is home alone managed to capture a video to let mommy sees… and yeah!!!!! I was so happy and excited when watching that video, but at the same time I really miss him a lot, seriously a lot

Alright, mommy don’t intend to write long post today… need to continue to do more shopping before travel back to meet Jenhong again.

Enjoy Jenhong’s big achievement video~

New year new revolution?

Well, as everyone step into 2010, I am sure everyone has new revolution. As for mommy and daddy, we just hope that Jenhong can grow up as healthy as possible, such that he can live happily and enjoy his life, and we are not too exhausted too.

First revolution and first 2010 challenge for mommy:
Leaving Jenhong behind for 3 weeks, and travel for business to Oregon!

Gosh, how many of you would have understood how I feel? In the olden days, I am sure everyone will say I am a bad mom, I am leaving my son and go enjoy, well… do you think I can enjoy my life by having business travel to such a far place with 16 hours of time different across the ocean? I am glad that daddy was being very supportive in this, and in fact, he encouraged me to come. This is a good chance to build my future career, as well as strengthen my working relationship with various stakeholders, which very likely is going to help me on my future career. So, let me tells you a little of my life over here…

It took me >26 hours for my entire journey, starting from Penang international airport until I touched down in Portland international airport. I went thru transit in the following manner: penang-singapore-hongkong-san Francisco-portland…. I do not think you will like this either =) After I touched down in porland, it was around 20mins past midnight, and waited for my baggage for around 15mins, and head to car rental to grab my car. As I settle down in the car, probably another 20mins gone. After driving for ~45mins, I reached my hotel, it took me a while to settle all the paperwork and finally… I get to head to my room. Oh… that is not the end yet, once reached, I took out my laptop, trying to figure out how to connect to the internet, such that I can send some messages for daddy, so it took me a while until I managed to get it, and by then is 2am. After that, sms my mom too, and I head for a shower, and finally I get some rest. So… cool?! Huh… I don’t think you will like that =P

Thank goodness that this round of travel to Oregon, I did not have any jetlag! Wow, that is really impressive, I mean with the 16 hours of differences, it is quite hard not to get jetlag. I am not sure how I managed to do so, but really appreciate that. During weekdays, I work almost equivalent to 2 shifts, from 9am to 6pm, then head for dinner and reach back hotel by 8/9pm usually. After shower, start work again and in general sleeps around 1am! Argh~ tiring… but, do not forget that I am SUPER MOM! Hehe…

I seriously miss Jenhong so much, that I have to make sure his photos are on my wallpaper and screensaver, that moment I will “see” him. Yet looking at the positive side of it, I tend to be much more efficient on my work without Jenhong with me, and start delivering a lot of great task for the projects and learn up a lot of new capability and knowledge. Is give and take I guess, so having to be here for 3 weeks, I think it is just nice!

When weekends come, oh dear… mommy really getting crazy at shopping! Seriously no work @ weekend, is a waste of time if I do that! =P I cannot resist to buy stuff for Jenhong, seriously can’t resist, so end up he has the most items compared to his daddy! Ohh… forgot to show you how mommy looks now...

Apart from the life here, daddy told mommy that Jenhong is now able to stand up by himself! Oh, this is just so great.. too bad I can’t witness the first moment he did that, just because the daddy did not even bother to take video!! Argh!!! Also, Jenhong is capable to walk from kitchen to living room, wow!! Isn’t that nice?! So wonderful!!!

I cannot stop imagine what will Jenhong expression be on Feb 2nd when mommy goes and pick him up from nanny’s place, it must be over-excited!

Alright, 10 more days to go mommy!!!
Mommy is doing just great and Jenhong is doing just fine with his daddy home alone too!

Life is great, when you believe in it, it will happened~

Interesting memory to remember forever

Can you imagine it was a month ago when I update Jenhong’s blog? That is too ridiculous! Well, it really shows that mommy is too busy at work. We won’t forget to keep taking videos, snap photos whenever we could, but posting blog is much lower priority as it really take a lot of time, not just to draft the post, but to edit the photos and go thru the photo bucket for selection too. Anyhow, there is always some moment in Jenhong’s life that we will still like to share with friends and family…

It is not easy for both of us to take care Jenhong just by ourselves, but we do believe that this is the way life should be and we should live our own way out!! Don't you think so? In the end, the satisfaction is worth than anything else in our life. I won’t know how Jenhong will grow up to be, what kind of person we’ll be anticipating 20 yrs from now, but it is up to us being the parents of this child to shape his attitude, to shape his character, to educated him, to share his life from the day he is born, until the day we let him go on his own. We’re glad that we don’t have the troubles some of our friends has with babysitter, with the elders, even with the baby himself, yet we also miss the time where elders and family can really be a great help at time like wedding dinners, company dinners, personal vacation, and even to enjoy a movie in the cinema. We don’t have the luxury to really enjoy a light and easy travel now, yet our hearts are always lighten up by Jenhong smile, or when he did “the trick of the day” for you! It is never easy, but the point is, we made it thru another year!!!! How cool~ Can I call myself being a super mommy?! muahahaha... for being able to deliver project at work, and spend meaningful time with my child? YES... I think I am supermom...

Ok… so much to write this round… let’s start with some milestone Jenhong achieved for the past month.

This one I believe is major achievement recently, he started to walk with support. Even so, he refused to have his first attempt to walk by himself, anyway… we don’t like to push him to learn new things, so let’s see... I am anticipating by 18mths he will start walk. Haha…

Apart from that, we found that Jenhong is very different compared to other babies when it come to feeding medicine. So… here’re two videos, the first one is when you give him his milk milk, he’s happy isn’t it?

So what happen when you give him medicine … … take a look …

Haha, amazing isn’t it? Most of my friends said their babies run away from medicine, and they have to force-feed the medicine with syringe, but you see Jenhong, he’s so excited… I call that amazing! It really save my effort to force medicine into his mouth.

As usual, some photos to share, if you notice, he like to *SMILE* recently. When he smile, that means you can’t see his eyes… hahaha, I believe all babies smile the same way as he does. Or, put it the other way, he's just like any other baby =)

It is almost the end of 2009, life had changed a lot since then. Dec 2009 also marked the 9th year we knew each other, the 5th year of our marriage and of course the 15 mth of baby Jenhong.

Thanks for those who contributed to this blog, and of course not forgetting those who always keep themselves updated on baby Jenhong.

We, together with Jenhong, wishing you merry x'mas, and happy new year, hope 2010 will be another great year ahead for everyone!