Jenhong’s Favorite

Mommy made another new record… for not updating Jenhong’s blog for >3 months!!! Well, life is busy indeed. Many unexpected events, visitors and etc on top of busy worklife. Thank goodness that Jenhong is a very understanding boy, he has behaves great throughout the days.

Jenhong, as other typical boys, he has his very own interest or favorite. Since several months back, he has tremendous interest in anything that goes on wheel, haha! We had also introduce him his very first Disney cartoon, CARS. It ended up that this become his most favorite for the past few months.

Since Jenhong is very much into CARS nowadays, mommy and daddy also start to hunt for CARS merchandise, clothes or anything that is related to CARS. After enjoyed a movie with free vouchers today, mommy and daddy bought this megablock set for Jenhong, guess what?! …

Ta dang!!!

Look how happy and excited he is!

He enjoyed it so much tonight, and brought The King together to bed just now. Here are some photos that snap today while he is playing his megablock, at the same time watching his CARS.

See how serious he is ...

Stay tune for more … mommy will try to make her best to snap more photos and update Jenhong’s blog.
2 Responses
  1. welcome back Joyce and jenhong !!!

    cant wait to see your sharing about Jenhong....he is so adorable!!! hug hug him....hehe

  2. I can feel that how excited he is when he got the new present!